Seeing Self through the Lens of Fear

And what might happen if we tried something new I have one of those friends I've never met.  His name is Harry.  I love Harry because he can see me, because he shares his wisdom w/ a dash of humor that is sometimes peppery.  He makes me laugh *just* when I need it. His response... Continue Reading →

Rumi’s The Self We Share

The Self We Share    Thirst is angry with water. Hunger bitter with bread. The cave wants nothing to do with the sun. This is dumb, the self- defeating way we've been. A gold mine is calling us into its temple. Instead, we bend and keep picking up rocks from the ground. Every thing has a shine... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Naivety?

There are those who think of me as 'merely' naive when it comes to things of spirit.  Here, I ask they consider their own limitation of expression that appears bound by others' ideas & ideals. The string of logic posed by quite a few is that I've not studied spiritualism, metaphysics, any aspect of any... Continue Reading →

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