God’s Touch

What does the breeze coax from you when it touches your skin? When God slips along your pores? Can you feel that, the ribbon weaving around you? Pulling you into the wakened dream?

Can You Hear It?

  Can you hear the rhythm of your heart on the wind? In the new green leaves waving, weaving their own lifelines, threading across the sky to another, to you? Listen. Find your breath and listen. Those lifelines are love. Yours and theirs. Together.

Healing and Holding the Holy

You are touched by the whole world, as you are. You need neither permission nor to be healed to be held. When healed, though, and in the act of healing you begin to feel that touch, those tendrils of all things, and you open to them Allowing your skin to widen enough for the love to... Continue Reading →

Time Isn’t, I am Not

The ground quivers and air opens to swallow the mold, whole, wholly dissolving me into eternity or what used to be. Then exhales me, stirred, folded into the past, particulate, future and presents me again, not of this time, nor mine.

Nearer, My God, to Thee

There is no Separation You have never been separated. Between the idea of your birth and last breath You have been wrapped in the air of the Divine even as it courses through your veins. Your maker is not your master. You were never a servant, divided by any command. A speck of Him was... Continue Reading →

Braided Breath, Bonded Heart

You weren't born a basket but the weaving of you began long ago, before a thought ever conceived you. Plaited, wefted, crossed again through the stars time and again. Spider, fly touching points of light and threading into the dark Dipped into the bubbling brook to be given the Word Threaded through the eye to... Continue Reading →

Spring Drinking

As we begin to drink more more sun than snow The pace of growth quicken for you as does the greening of things. Deepening roots will draw strength to bend into the light open aloft And become the dance of God.


You've sprung a leak. Pore by pore the water is seeping in.   A slow spread of damp, then a trickle before you become flooded -slowly, surely- until you are in the depths of God and let go of your own anchor and float, free.

Party of One

For some the realization is like a collision. Self, belief smacking full speed into the solid stillness of the quiet God.   Then realizing it's always been a party of One.

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