Party of One

For some the realization is like a collision. Self, belief smacking full speed into the solid stillness of the quiet God.   Then realizing it's always been a party of One.

The Mother Rising

Straddling two worlds? Really? There is only one.   Why diminish yourself into multitudinousness when you can just Be? Why create a dimensionality you can't see to explain you and me?   Belief and disbelief aren't really. Think your skin doesn't house the holy? No matter.   She lives and calls your blood her staircase... Continue Reading →

Looking Down to Praise

You are not external to Him. And you blend just as seamlessly with the brown-skinned man next to you at the bus stop. And the one whose pock-scarred face you ignore. Him, too. Or Her depending on the day. The one who walks tall and smells like a two-pack a day. The curried and bleach-wrinkled... Continue Reading →

Feeling Knowledge

Have you ever felt a piece of knowledge slide across your skin? Slippery, like that little something or other that won't come off the tip of your tongue? You know it's there but you can't quite touch it? Then, have you noticed the moments when it suddenly comes forth? As if it's long been settled... Continue Reading →

The River Will Rise

  The river will soon roar Rising above her winter murmur As the ice cracks.   The naked rocks will be clothed in clear robes that run, rise and ripple   Eddy and lift around and over the bend to break into the force and flow to meet the still and quiet.   The river... Continue Reading →

In Which Direction

  In which direction will your love grow? Will the scars and scares point you in one direction?   Or will you allow the flow to carry you? Farther than you ever imagined?

Let the Mother See

You have been shown The light cannot be broken. Yet, still you won't see that All the things you think are shadow, broken off bits that forgot they are a are a part of God You, seamlessly shine together. Don't hide. Your soul cannot bear it any more.    

Moonbeams and Magpies

A moonbeam crossed my path the other day and a magpie flew by with construction material in his beak. Broad daylight extending the ways things move beyond boundaries. The movement of moon and magpie across the changing landscapes of ground and heart. Lighting and building something, somwhere. Mayflies mingle in the dreamtime and the blue... Continue Reading →

We Shaman Types Scare People

We shaman types scare people in the same way schizophrenics do. Our worlds involve relationships with the invisible and the 'inanimate', neither of which seem understandable because they can't adequately be expressed when measured against other's experiences. There's no relatable 'that one time at band camp' shared language. We have conversations with stone and dance... Continue Reading →

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