Moonbeams and Magpies

A moonbeam crossed my path the other day and a magpie flew by with construction material in his beak. Broad daylight extending the ways things move beyond boundaries. The movement of moon and magpie across the changing landscapes of ground and heart. Lighting and building something, somwhere. Mayflies mingle in the dreamtime and the blue … Continue reading Moonbeams and Magpies

We Shaman Types Scare People

We shaman types scare people in the same way schizophrenics do. Our worlds involve relationships with the invisible and the 'inanimate', neither of which seem understandable because they can't adequately be expressed when measured against other's experiences. There's no relatable 'that one time at band camp' shared language. We have conversations with stone and dance … Continue reading We Shaman Types Scare People

They Come

They come, the Old Ones and the newly dead ones They come on the wind They come on the rivers From the ground they cleaved and called home.   They bring passion, pain and impatience. Pleading for their kins' Return to the medicine, return to the heart, return home.   They come.