Those Who Tell Too Much; Ancestors and Missing, Murdered Women and Children

artist: R Blackwater In the introduction to this series on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Children, I mentioned that this unfolding of the Fuckery and I  requires discussion of history and the repercussion arisen out of it, trauma experienced and held by peoples and the natural world, realities of misogyny, sexuality, institutionalized racism, the... Continue Reading →

Can I Get a Witness?

The  Power of Being Seen Aspects of the work I do are profoundly intimate. It's close enough that men have said, "I feel like we just made love" when clothes are never removed and women have said, "How could you know?" when I merely touch them and am flooded with every.thing because their body and psyche speak... Continue Reading →

Bathing in Silence

And Wearing Grace like a Sheath I remember when I needed noise.  Lots of it.  Noise was my Ritalin, the stimulant that helped me focus.  In college, the second time around when I actually cared about studying, I'd spread all my bits out on the floor around me with the TV on in front of... Continue Reading →

One Human Gesture

This is a Rumi poem about Soul Artists--those that guide the motion of energy that is given.  According to Coleman Barks, Hakim Sanai was one that, it was said in Sufi circles, could "hold two opposing energies in one gesture.You have a source inside you, a cool spring that sometimes stops flowing,frozen or clogged with... Continue Reading →

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