Can I Get a Witness?

The  Power of Being Seen Aspects of the work I do are profoundly intimate. It's close enough that men have said, "I feel like we just made love" when clothes are never removed and women have said, "How could you know?" when I merely touch them and am flooded with every.thing because their body and psyche speak … Continue reading Can I Get a Witness?

Bathing in Silence

And Wearing Grace like a Sheath I remember when I needed noise.  Lots of it.  Noise was my Ritalin, the stimulant that helped me focus.  In college, the second time around when I actually cared about studying, I'd spread all my bits out on the floor around me with the TV on in front of … Continue reading Bathing in Silence

Q and A of the day: Have you ever had a spiritual attack?

Hmmmm...I'm not sure how this person is defining 'spiritual' here but I'm going to make a short leap and guess that he meant 'Have you ever been attacked by something invisible?" Yes, I've been in a relatively uncomfortable situation with something, that to others, was not visible.   However, because it was invisible does not mean … Continue reading Q and A of the day: Have you ever had a spiritual attack?