The Stories Building a Book

In 1990’s An Open Life Joseph Campbell said, “Horizons are smashed [and] people of different beliefs and cultures are colliding with each other. The transformation is really of the whole sense of humanity. and what it means to be a cultural and world-related human being. Anything from the past—such as an idea of what [humankind] of this, of that, or another culture might be, or should be—is now archaic. And so we have to leave or title provincial stories behind.  They may guide us as fas as structuring our lives for the moment but we must always be ready to drop them and grab the new experience as it comes along and to interpret it.”

In 2016, a contemporary of Campbell named Adebayo Akomalafe shared this:

Today, what we need to do to meet a world in crisis is looking less and less like the ‘right’ or ‘appropriate’ thing to do. I cannot help but feel that a politics represented by long snaking lines leading to a voting booth is too thin, too anorexic, and too inadequate to address the haunting spirits at the edges. We need thicker enactments of justice. We might very well need stranger dalliances with mountains and stones, with the nonhuman, transhuman, and posthuman. And we might begin to feel this more when we see that the lines that promise closure, the certitude of winning, the contours of a messiah, all too often end abruptly and despairingly at the place they began.

In this time of great potential for change, the time is now for us–those within me & you–to meet again.

The stories shared in this blob are of these processes coming into being and setting seed. We hope that by sharing this we sow renewed hope, faith in each other, and a willingness to be open to the possibilities for the future through a conscious partnership with spirit and each other.

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